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HPS INDOOR PLANT GROW LIGHTS For Tomatoes and Potatoes and Small Trees

Order Code Voltage Wattage Lumens Base Shape Life Hours Kelvin CRI Color Filament Length
65R30/GRO HID GROW LIGHT BULBS 120V 65W - E26 R30 2000 hr - - - CC-6 137
HPS1000CL/MOG/GRO HID GROW LIGHT BULBS - 1000W 130000 E39 E25 24000 hr 2100 22 CLEAR ARC -
HPS400CL/MOG/GRO HID GROW LIGHT BULBS - 400w 55000 E40 T14.5 16000 hr 2000 22 CLEAR ARC -
HPS600CL/MOG/GRO HID GROW LIGHT BULBS - 600W 90000 E40 T14.5 16000 hr 2000 22 CLEAR ARC -


Order Code Bulb Wattage Life Hours Base MOL Initial Lumens Color Temp. (CCT or K) Ansi Spec CRI LCL Case Quantity
MH1000U BT56 BT56 1000W 12000 hr Mogul 15 3/8" 110000 3700K M47 65 1/2 6
MH1000W BT37 BT37 1000W 10000 hR Mogul 11 1/2" 110000 3700K M47/E 65 7 6
MH1000W ED37 ED-37 1000W 12000 HR MOGUL 11 1/2" 117000 3200K M47 65 7" 6


Order Code Color Temp. (CCT or K) Wattage Initial Lumens CRI Average Life Span Base Area
125W Daylight Hydroponic Compact Fluorescent 65K 6500K (daylight) 125W 8,900 initial lumens 91 CRI 8000 Hrs Mogul 2 Square Feet
125W Warm Hydroponic Compact Fluorescent 27K 2700K (daylight) 125W 8,900 initial lumens 91 CRI 8000 Hrs Mogul 2 Square Feet
26W Daylight Hydroponic Compact Fluorescent 55K 5500K (daylight) 26W 1800 initial lumens 91 CRI 10,000 Hrs Standard Light Socket 1/2 square foot area
65W Daylight Hydroponic Compact Fluorescent 65K 6500K (daylight) 65W 4300 initial lumens 91 CRI 8000 Hrs Standard Light Socket 1 square foot area
HPS stands for High Pressure Sodium
HID stands for High Intensity Discharge
MH stands for Metal Halide
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